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We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

Before I got the NuEar Hearing Aids, I was embarrassed to be around anybody I did not know. Many times I had to ask them to repeat everything they said. I would not use the telephone because I could not hear on it. Now I can hear any conversations clearly.

Bill M

My head felt cloudy and I needed the TV up loud. I’m feeling so much better since I got my hearing aids. My head is not cloudy anymore and I’m walking better. I can hear the tires on the road when I am in the car. And I also hear refrigerator running. Go get your ears checked. You wouldn’t believe the difference it can make in your life. It did for me and I’m 95 years young. Emil is so helpful and his service is the best I could have ever thought of getting through this process.

Dallas B

The constant ringing (Tinnitus) in my ears become so loud and unbearable that I was always irritable and I couldn't even sleep at night. Though my wife couldn't hear the nagging ringing, the fact that I couldn't hear her or my family and the TV was so loud, was unbearable to hear.

Dan F

I enjoy hearing the birds and the sounds outside. I don’t have to ask people to repeat themselves so much. I can hear my turn signal blinking. The volume on the TV is as a normal range now. Have your hearing tested. It only takes a few minutes, and it is well worth it. One person does testing, consulting, and adjusting. The results are explained very clearly. It is a one-on-one quality appointment. I appreciate that family members are included in the process. Getting my hearing back is a very big life style improvement. It was money well spent.

Enos K

Improvement in everything since getting my hearing aids! From watching TV to conversing with others. Not more missing out on parts of the conversation! I’ve told many friends how NuEar has helped me with hearing more clearly and in some cases hearing at all. I’ve showed them how small they are compares to my old hearing aids. NuEar can be adjusted to filter out “back feed” and “wind noise”. I am very pleased with my NuEar hearing aids. Hearing aids are a big investment and it is comforting to get the attention necessary when needed.

John N

I can now take part in conversations, hear things I haven’t heard in years, like the peepers in the spring, the birds singing and even hearing my car purr. The staff has been very helpful and patient. I have returned many times for questions or adjustments and have never been charged a penny. They are very understanding of the problems that hard of hearing people encounter. I have told many people who have hearing aids already that NuEar is top of the line and you get what you pay for. Many are dissatisfied with their cheaper aids and are discouraged with their inability to hear well, if at all.

Karen H

My life has improved dramatically since getting hearing aids. “Huh?” and “What?” are no longer in my vocabulary. It made a difference in my life to be able to hold conversations with friends and family. I highly recommend NuEar to anyone who is in need of hearing aids.

Ken B

I want to thank Emil and the Hear Now program and Starkey Hearing Foundation for providing me with my hearing aids. Without them I would still be living in my silent world. With my new hearing aids I can enjoy life again. Thanks again Emil for the wonderful care and for opening up my world around me!

Mary Jane W

As I began to lose my hearing, it became apparent when I asked my family asked to repeat conversations. My concern for securing any form of hearing device was that such a device would be to be openly visible. At NuEar I was shown a hearing aid that fit into my ear, barely visible, which was exactly what I wanted. Now I am able to converse with family and friends with an ear piece aid that actually fits inside my ear.

Bill K

When I first walked outside wearing my new hearing aids I could actually hear the birds singing. I didn’t realize that I was missing this joyful sound. Now I can sit anywhere and hear all that is being said instead of always the front row. The quality of life completely changed for the better.

Yvonne K
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