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Welcome to Your First Step for Hearing Life to the Fullest

At Digital Hearing Aid Systems we know that few things are more important than being able to fully hear the precious sounds you cherish. If you or a loved one has been experiencing hearing loss, ringing in the ears or other difficulties in understanding speech we are your first step to better hearing. We offer affordable hearing aid solutions that utilize the most advanced hearing aid technology available. Our expert team of hearing professionals will assess the extent of hearing loss as well as provide recommendations for affordable hearing aids only if necessary. We look forward to doing our best for you or a loved to hearing life to the fullest.


Our commitment is to provide a superior experience in achieving better hearing.


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Why Choose Us?

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Expert Providers

We are dedicated to delivering the best hearing experience possible — through the innovation of our products and the passion of our people.

Expert Professionals
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Latest Technology

We go to work each day to ensure every person on the planet has the opportunity to hear their very best.

Latest Technology
Emil J. Feryo Jr.

Emil J. Feryo Jr.

Hearing Instrument Specialist

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Schedule professional hearing aid cleanings

A regular maintenance schedule helps ensure your hearing aids perform their best. It is important to have your device professionally cleaned every four to six months.

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Our family of brands offers the most advanced hearing solutions available, all fit by the most caring hearing professionals in the world.



Before I got the NuEar Hearing Aids, I was embarrassed to be around anybody I did not know. Many times I had to ask them to repeat everything they said. I would not use the ...

Bill M

My head felt cloudy and I needed the TV up loud. I’m feeling so much better since I got my hearing aids. My head is not cloudy anymore and I’m walking better. I ...

Dallas B

The constant ringing (Tinnitus) in my ears become so loud and unbearable that I was always irritable and I couldn't even sleep at night. Though my wife couldn't hear the nagging ringing, the ...

Dan F

I enjoy hearing the birds and the sounds outside. I don’t have to ask people to repeat themselves so much. I can hear my turn signal blinking. The volume on the TV is as ...

Enos K

Improvement in everything since getting my hearing aids! From watching TV to conversing with others. Not more missing out on parts of the conversation! I’ve told many friends how NuEar has helped me with ...

John N

I can now take part in conversations, hear things I haven’t heard in years, like the peepers in the spring, the birds singing and even hearing my car purr. The staff has been very ...

Karen H

My life has improved dramatically since getting hearing aids. “Huh?” and “What?” are no longer in my vocabulary. It made a difference in my life to be able to hold conversations with friends and family ...

Ken B

I want to thank Emil and the Hear Now program and Starkey Hearing Foundation for providing me with my hearing aids. Without them I would still be living in my silent world. With my new ...

Mary Jane W

As I began to lose my hearing, it became apparent when I asked my family asked to repeat conversations. My concern for securing any form of hearing device was that such a device would be ...

Bill K

When I first walked outside wearing my new hearing aids I could actually hear the birds singing. I didn’t realize that I was missing this joyful sound. Now I can sit anywhere and hear ...

Yvonne K

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